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Quality is the best recipe and is our priority at all times, bringing satisfaction to our customers and a result of execution, it reflects our company and the people who work there.

Our mission is to offer a personalized service and a product with the highest quality standards on the market at a fair price.

Our team is made up of dedicated and competent people, we are always looking for excellence and looking for new technologies and techniques that govern the field of construction.

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FM Construction is a company focused on the need and the respect of its customers. We are constantly evolving and offer impeccable service and a product that meets the highest quality standards on the market. Respecting our deadlines, safety, sound management and quality of execution are an integral part of our moral values.

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Success is the belief that anything is possible. Our ability to excel is demonstrated by our decisions, our actions and a balance between the various factors of success. Our motivation is the fundamental principle for the success and smooth running of our projects.

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The company's dynamics rest on its ability to respond to various unforeseen problems with concrete solutions. In this perspective, our various stakeholders are motivated to adopt our business vision and work towards a common goal: to satisfy our customers!

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A mutual prevention organization is a group of employers committed to preventing, rehabilitating and returning to work for workers who have suffered a work-related injury. By joining together, employers benefit from pricing that reflects their efforts.

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Our team is made up of dedicated and competent people. They are always looking for excellence and on the lookout for new technologies and techniques that govern the field of construction. To do this, we encourage the continuous training of our staff within the company.

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Since 2009, FM Construction is constantly evolving. In 2010, we acquired the former Lévis post office (Saint-Nicolas sector) to install our administrative team. A new division will open in downtown Montreal in 2012 and in Sherbrooke in 2013.

Our Team

Looking forward to serving you !

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General Manager

Frédéric Labrie

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Sébastien Brasseur

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Internal Controller

Sébastien Breton

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Administrative assistant

Vanessa Bisson

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Sylvain Giard

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Yves Fortier


See the difference between the different services offered.

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    Its purpose is to determine the values ​​of the parameters sizing the project, so as to allow the estimation of the cost of the project. It also provides decision-makers with a technical proposal as to the response to the problem.

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    Construction management has several advantages over the traditional way of the business contract: the client and his professionals benefit from the expertise of the general contractor at the pre-construction stage. The work can be accelerated.

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    The builder undertakes to execute the work and to periodically submit the cost prices for services and subcontracting to the client. This one can profit as much as possible from the discounts related to the unforeseen ones or the reverse one in the opposite case.

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    A predetermined amount is agreed for the execution of all the work. The contract is concluded between the client and the main contractor, who will perform the required work for a fixed fee.

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In accordance with Law 25 relating to the modernization of legislative provisions regarding the protection of personal information, FM Construction has designated Mr. Frédéric Labrie, President and CEO, as internal resource person. For further information regarding the procedures put in place, write to us at:


Member of the prevention mutual offered by the ACQ


On-site safety orientation program


Railway Safety Orientation Program

FM Construction Entrepreneur Général inc.

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1400, Saint-Nicolas St., Lévis (QC) G7A 4W2

Tel./Fax : 418 531-3450 / 418 531-3451

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404-1170, MontCalm St., Montréal (QC) H2L 0M2

Tel./Fax : 514 521-0434 / 1 855 531-3451

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1225, Queen-Victoria Blvd, Sherbrooke (QC) J1J 4N6

Phone/Fax : 819 791-8560 / 1 855 531-3451